Adding Users in Admin Settings

Last updated: August 30th, 2022.

From the Admin Settings page for the organization, administrators can disable or enable features and change the terminology used throughout the application for all members. Admins can also add users in the Admin Settings.



On the Users page, you will be able to manage the users in the organization and make changes to their names, email addresses, and system roles. You will also be able to add or delete users. To add a new user you can simply select the Add user button


From the opened dialog, you will be able to input the new user’s name, and email, and assign them one or more system roles. Click Save to make the changes.

You can also edit any user’s details by selecting the Edit button.


In the open dialog, you can make changes to their name, email, and role(s). Click Save to make any changes


You will also be able to delete any users from the organization by selecting the Delete button. A confirmation dialog will open asking you if you are sure you want to delete the user. Select Delete to confirm the deletion and remove the user.

Note: Each set of changes will take effect for users the next time that they close and re-open the Class application.


Select File upload if you wish to bulk import users. Select user roles first as this will be applied to everyone in the uploaded file. Sselect your file and select save. Please use this format when uploading a .csv.

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