Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Do I need to keep Class Updated?

A: Make sure that you have the latest Class version on your system. Open Class,  the Play Store, or the app store, and check for updates.

Q: How do I update Class?

A: To ensure you are on the latest version of the app for Mac, on the Menu bar select “Class” and then “Check for Updates…”

If the Class application has no updates a new window will appear saying “You’re up-to-date!”

If an update is available, a new window will appear, where you can select “Install Update.” You can also select “Automatically download and install updates in the future” and Class will automatically update if there is an update available upon launch.

The Class application in Windows will automatically check for software updates when the application is opened. If an update is available a window will appear saying “A new version of Class is available!” Class recommends always updating to the latest version of the application.

What operating systems does Class support?

  • Mac OS – Catalina 10.15, and Big Sur 11.1 +
  • Windows 10 and higher, Dual-core 2Ghz or higher, 4Gbs of RAM
  • iPadOS 13.0 and higher
  • Android 8 and higher, Arms and Intel Chips, minimum screen size 600 dp
  • Chromebooks manufactured after 2016 with access to the Google play store

Compatibility Matrix


  • These all support instructor capabilities.

  • We do not support Android phones or iPhones.

  • iPads and Android tablets currently aren’t supported in the use of the Web App.

  • We recommend Chrome Browser to use Web App.

Q: What type of access do I need on my Windows device to be able to install Class?

A: You must have admin access and the ability to install third-party apps.


Q: Does Class support Chromebook?

A: We support all Chromebooks that have access to PlayStore.

  • Chromebooks manufactured after 2020 should all come with PlayStore already installed and users will be able to download and install Class.
  • Chromebooks manufactured from 2016-2019 either have PlayStore or Chrome Web-Store.
  • Chromebooks noted on this device list with a status of “stable channel” should have access to PlayStore.
  • Those that have the PlayStore will be able to download and install Class
  • Chromebooks noted on this device list with a status of “planned” likely only have access to Chrome Web-Store and may not be able to download PlayStore, and in turn Class.
  • The Chrome Web Store may be able to download PlayStore through a google channel depending on the devices.
  • Chromebooks manufactured before 2016 will not be able to download and install Class


Q: How do you push the app from the admin console in the play store to all Chromebooks?

A: To push the app from the admin console, click here.


Q: Can I do MSI distribution?

A: To do MSI distribution, click here.


Q: Can I do PKG distribution?

A: To do PKG distribution, click here and here.


Q: Does Class work on the Zoom Web Interface?

A: For the best experience, users should download the Class app to join and participate in classes. If a user does not have the Class app downloaded, they can join through the Zoom app. It is not recommended to use the Zoom web interface to join a class that your instructor is running through Class.

Q: Which browser works best with Class?

A: For the best experience using Class, we recommend using the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome. Click here to update Google Chrome Browser.

Q: Does a learner need a Zoom account to access Class?

A: A Zoom account is not required.

Q: Does Class function with Zoom Rooms?

A: Yes, Zoom Rooms is what is used to integrate existing video conferencing systems right into Zoom. It will work because the class is just like a Zoom meeting. Zoom Room participants will be able to be on a shared video screen but to use quizzespolls, etc, they will also need to sign in from an individual device to use Class.

Q: Do I need to enable PMI in my Zoom settings for office hours to function?

A: Class uses the PMI (Personal meeting ID) of a user’s Zoom account. Enabling your PMI for your account is necessary to utilize the Office Hours feature. To learn more about Zoom’s PMI, click here.

Q: Is there a max file size for the share files feature?

A: Max file size in the share file feature is 128MB.

Q: Which video streaming services are supported on Class?

A: YouTube and YouTube Kids is currently supported on the Play Video and Browse the Web feature in Class.

Note: Please use https:// when sharing a website.

Q: What permissions does Class require for LTI?

A: To learn more about what permissions Class requires for LTI set up, please click here.

Contact our Support Team

If you are an instructor or student, please contact your organization’s help desk for support with Class.
Your organization’s Class administrators may reach out to Class Support for further assistance.

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Support Number: 888-975-1112 | 24/7 End-user support  |  Premium SLA: 24 hours  |  Standard SLA: 72 hours
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