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Exclusive Demo for REMOTE Summit Attendees

Class + REMOTE

Tuesday, July 19th | 11:00 am ET 


At REMOTE Summit 2022, you heard from Delaware Technical Community College as they shared how they have navigated the 21st Century Distance Education Guidelines and built their innovative program to align and ensure the best student outcomes.

We LOVE being part of their journey and want to partner with you!

Join us on July 19th at 11:00 am ET to see how Class can help you:

  • Better utilize digital technologies
  • Incorporate individualized student support & equitable resources
  • Serve students more successfully & build accessible learning experiences
  • Drive innovation, enhance learning outcomes, & improve knowledge retention

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21st Century Distance Education

Class makes virtual classes feel as natural as face-to-face learning and helps you meet the 21st Century Distance Education Guidelines. Our user-friendly interface allows universities and institutions to leverage online learning to connect students, empower faculty, and measure engagement in the virtual classroom.

We’re changing the virtual classroom:

  • Detailed insights into student engagement
  • Improved hands-on and collaborative breakout groups
  • Proctoring with live screen viewing
  • And more

Class is a product that is going to set the standard for a virtual classroom in the future.

John Louviere, Executive Director and Assistant Vice President,
Utah State University