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Instructor Guides


Last updated: May 18, 2021.


Before you record a class, make sure that you set the recording location. To do that, select the gear icon to the top-right of the teacher podium.
Select Recording from the list on the left. Navigate to the location where you would like to save your recordings or create a new folder location.

Mac                                                                                                                                     Windows


To record a class, select the center Record button. Select Record on this Computer.

Note: If you would like to include the screen sharing in your recording, ensure to save it to the cloud instead of locally.
Note: The Record to the Cloud option records to your Zoom cloud location.


Use the pause and stop buttons as you choose. These display in the top left corner of your classroom view.


Note: If using a Mac, once the recording has been completed the Class app will ask you once more where you would like to save your recordings. You can select the option to choose a new location. Save when done.


The newly created recording file will be named by the date and time of the recording, saved to the file location you chose or created, as shown below. For example, the first recording took place on Feb 22nd, 2021 at 9 am (folder name: 2021-02-22 9.04.05 = date and time of the recording), and I saved it to the Class Recordings folder, which I created within the Documents folder.




To find your Class recordings, log into your Zoom account at Select Recordings from the menu on the left. Select Cloud Recordings or Local recordings to view your recorded sessions.