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Chrome OS: How to Clear Class App Cache

Last updated: October 21, 2021.

Platform: Chrome OS

Version: Any

Issue: Sometimes you may run into odd behaviors while using the Class app on Chrome OS. One thing that you can try is to clear the Class app data and cache. This will reset the app to the state when you first downloaded it.


How To:

  1. Click on the bottom right of your Chrome OS screen to open the status menu. Select the gear icon (Settings)

2. In the Settings menu, go to Apps and select Manager your apps.

3. In the Manage your apps find the Class app and select it.

4. In the Class app setting menu, select More settings and permissions.

5. Select Storage in the More settings and permissions settings page.

6. In the Storage settings page, click on “Clear Cache” – There is no confirmation for this, it will just clear the cache of the app. This should resolve any odd login issues such as signing in as a student or being unable to join a Class from a link. Additionally, you can “Clear Storage”, which will reset the app to the default state as when you first downloaded it. You will need to log back in and go through the setup process. This will prompt you to confirm you’d like to delete the stored data.

7. Once both or one of the options are selected and confirmed, they will show up as a lighter gray color without the ability to click on them. This means that the action has been completed.

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