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Class: Users get a “Connecting” or “Connection Failed” Error When Joining any Class

Last updated: April 21, 2022.

Platform: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Version: All

Issue: When users try to join a class they stay at a “Connecting” or receive a “Connection Failed” error indefinitely and the user is unable to join any class.

Workaround: To correct the issue:

A. Disable the option to “Require users to update the client” in Zoom under the Admin Options.


B. Set the minimum client version to what Class SDK version is in use, currently 5.10.1.


C. Revert changed meeting IDs back to Zoom auto-generated meeting IDs.

 Notes: This issue can occur if the organization has the Zoom Admin Option to “Require users to update the client” enabled. Since the Zoom SDK is slightly behind what the Zoom client app version is, Class can’t connect because Class doesn’t meet the minimum client version configured in Zoom.

This issue can also occur if an instructor changes meeting IDs in their user profile on  Class can’t connect to those meetings because our database stores the meeting IDs we auto-generate.

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