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Class: Prevent Users from Joining Before Instructor

Last updated: August 30, 2021.

Platform: Mac, Windows

Version: All


Functionality: As an instructor, you are able to prevent other users (students) from joining your class before you are ready or in the class two ways:


  1. The first one would be turning “Waiting Room” on. This works the same as Zoom where the users will be waiting to be admitted. When there is more than one user in the waiting room, you will see an “Admit All” button above the students’ names in the participants’ list. Click this when you are ready to allow multiple users to enter the class. To admit a single student, click the “More” button when you hover over the student’s name and select “Admit from Waiting Room.”
  2. If you prefer users not joining the class until you are in the class, you can disable the option “Students Can Join Before Instructor”. The user will receive a message stating “Waiting for instructor to start the class.” * Please note, this does not put the user in the waiting room. The user will gain access to the class as soon as you enter.

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