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MacOS: Onboarding Steps 

Last updated: August 10, 2021.


As the Zoom administrator, log into your Zoom account using your Zoom email and password.

Note: Video Conferencing, Cloud Phone, Webinars, Chat, Virtual Events | Zoom


Open a new browser tab and paste in the new onboarding link you received from Class.


Select the link showing on the screen to register your organization’s Zoom account with the Class application.

Note: This must be done by the Zoom Administrator.


Proceed to authorize the Class application with your Zoom account.

Note: This is the same authorization step that is taken for any Zoom marketplace application.


Once the “Welcome to Class” page has loaded, you have successfully integrated Class with your Zoom account.


In your Zoom account select Profile on the left-hand side > User Management > Group Management. Here you will see the 3 groups created by connecting Class:

      • Class For Zoom Administrators

      • Class For Zoom Teachers

      • Class For Zoom Tech Support


As the Zoom administrator, you are automatically added to the Class for Zoom Administrators group.


Any instructor or administrator that will need teaching tools within Class will need to be added to the teacher’s group. Select the Class For Zoom Teachers group and then select the hyperlinked number next to “Total Members.”

Note: This step is not necessary if Class is integrated with your LMS and auto-provisioning has been enabled for Instructors.


Select “Add Members” and proceed to enter in all necessary instructor’s email addresses, or Zoom Accounts, starting with your own.

Note:Anyone teaching using Class must be added to this group under the main Zoom account in order to access teaching tools within Class.

Anyone not added to this group will be considered a student when logging into Class.


Launch the Class application and log in the same way you normally would log into Zoom.


All instructors that have been added to the teacher’s group will be asked to authorize their Zoom account so that they can use teaching tools within Class.


Once logged in, confirm that you are able to see the teaching tools on your home screen.

Note: Teaching tools: Create a New Class & Start Office Hours


If you do not see these options when logging in, ensure you have added the correct email addresses to the Class for Zoom Teacher’s group and try to log out/back in to confirm that you are fully refreshed.


For any further questions, more information is available at Class Support

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If you are an instructor or student, please contact your organization’s help desk for support with Class.
Your organization’s Class administrators may reach out to Class Support for further assistance.

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