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Release Notes

Version 1.12 — August 18, 2022


We are making Class available on the web to enable greater access to our synchronous learning tools and, more specifically, to support organizations that have opted not to provide a downloadable installation. At this time, we are only supporting the Google Chrome browser.

Product Overview

At a glance, Class on Web provides all of the same tools that are available in our desktop and mobile products, but with a few notable differences in how these tools function:

  • The Classroom gallery is limited a total of 25 videos at a time, to ensure optimal display of users video panels;
  • Virtual Backgrounds do not completely cover a user’s background and instead create a small window for users faces in the center of the video panel;
  • Many instructional tools will open in a separate window for learners once launched to the class as opposed launching directly within the tab;

In addition, Class on Web is not currently supported on an iPad tablet and some Chromebooks are currently unable to show the Classroom gallery. In these cases, the Active Speaker View is replaced with the Classroom gallery. Users of these devices should continue to use the mobile application to join classes for now, though we are planning to implement support for the web-based experience on both of these platforms in the near future.

Finally, certain features and functionality are not currently available in the web-based experience but are planned for the near future. These include the following:

  • Proctor / Collaboration View
  • Annotations
  • The Participation View seating chart mode

How to Create & Join Classes

The Class creation and launch flows operate in the same way for the Web-based version as they do in the downloadable apps.

Class Creation

Users can log in to create class sessions by navigating to link shown here: https://[subdomain] Please note that “[subdomain]” should be replaced with the same subdomain that is used elsewhere for your organization. This will direct users to a web-based version of the same home screen that they would see in the Class apps that can be used to create a Class session. Any Class courses that are created on MacOS, Windows, iOS, or Android will also be shown here.

Launch Pages

For users that do not have the instructor role, this method of joining web-based Class sessions will be the primary way that someone accesses a Class session. Once Class on Web has been enabled for an organization’s account in the admin portal (contact your customer success manager for support in accessing this), an additional launch option will appear on the launch pages, as shown below.

Once clicked, users will be added to the class session and will be able to participate alongside users from any of the downloadable Class apps or a standard Zoom client.

Known Issues

Included below are the more prominent issues that users should be aware of as they start to familiarize themselves with the product:

Video Gallery
  • There are intermittent issues with the video profile tiles, specifically the instructor’s video tile sometimes not being placed on the podium or having the instructor label or border
  • Video tiles and name labels intermittently do not match
Breakout rooms
  • In some instances, participants do not receive an invitation to a breakout room; more commonly when they do not have the Classroom tab in focus
  • In some instances, the ‘All Breakout Rooms’ tab does not display after breakout rooms are opened
  • Instructor users are unable to start a recording session while in a Breakout Room
  • Intermittent issues launching translated version of Class on Web when joining from Chromebook, Android, and iOS devices
Screen recording
  • When a screen recording is initiated, paused, or stopped, users do not receive the audio notifications
Screen Sharing
  • In some cases, updating screen share settings from the web application does not work across all platforms
  • In some instances, the names and video panels may be temporarily mismatched, especially after a Screen Share or when Front of Room is enabled
  • Unverified users are able to see verified participants’ videos when resizing their windows
  • Option to copy all Class meeting information is missing — only copying the meeting link is currently supported