Release Notes

Version 1.5.0 —September 7, 2021


This release includes the ability to disable and customize the labels of several teaching tools, annotations, and enhanced breakout rooms. In addition to these new features, the teachings tools UI have been revamped and major stability improvements have been made.

Feature Additions

Included below are the additions we have made to Class for Windows.


Enhanced Breakout Rooms
  • Instructors and Assistants can monitor all breakout rooms and see a snapshot of the recent activity in each room, who is currently talking, any reactions, and feedback
  • Instructors and Assistants can easily launch activities to breakout rooms without joining a breakout room either from:
    • The activity dialog
    • The “more” menu on the video tile of a breakout room from the All Breakout Rooms tab
  • Participants can now use Reactions and Raise/Lower Hand while in a breakout room and all Instructors and Assistants will be able to see them from outside the room
  • With the new sidebar that is available in breakout rooms, all users can now see who is in their breakout room, in addition to any reactions, feedback, and audio/video status of each user
  • The Class application window title bar and the web tab will now be updated to reflect the breakout room the user is currently in
  • Users will now see a dialog informing them when Breakout Rooms are closing
  • Any activities launched to breakout rooms will no longer be visible to any unverified users
  • Instructors and Assistants can leave and join breakout rooms from the participants list
  • Instructors and Assistants can view and chat with any of the open breakout rooms
  • Instructors and Assistants can see all breakout room participants from the participants list
  • Instructors and assistants can easily chat with or join a breakout room from the monitoring view of all breakout rooms
  • “Broadcast Message to All” and “Ask for Help” while breakout rooms are active have been removed. Instructors, assistants, students can now use the chat functionality while in breakout rooms. All users can chat with any instructor or assistant and among other members in their breakout room
  • Closing all Breakout Rooms will close any activities that were launched to those rooms
Feature Toggle
  • With Feature Toggles, Class users have the option to turn off the following features within Class and save their configurations:
    • Assessments
    • Assignments
    • Gradebook
    • LMS
    • Polling
    • Syllabus
    • Chat
  • Any user added to the “Class for Zoom for Administrators” user group will have access to an organization-specific Admin Portal.
    This portal can then be used to update feature toggle settings at any time. Changes made in the Admin Portal will be made globally for that organization’s account and will take effect for users the next time they open the Class application
Import Content
  • Instructors and Assistants can save time recreating content by importing the following content types from their other courses in Class:
    • Assignment
    • Assessment / Quiz / Test
    • Polling
  • Added support for Japanese translations
  • Added support for Portuguese translations
Privacy Mode
  • Instructors and Assistants now have the option to turn on Privacy Mode which will turn off all students’ videos and display a Private video panel for all other students. Student video feeds will only be visible to instructors
Terminology Customization
  • With Terminology Customizations, Class users can now define roles in a way that is appropriate and familiar for their institution or organization. The customizable terms include:
    • Instructor title
    • Assistant title
    • Participant title
    • Roster title
    • Gradebook title
    • Syllabus title


Included below are the enhancements we have made to features currently existing in Class for Windows.

Additional Cameras
  • Instructors and Assistants can pin additional cameras under the Podium
  • Users can now start a chat with others from the context menu found on their profile video tile
  • Users can easily navigate to different chat message by selecting the unread message icon
Screen Recording
  • Users can now easily pause, resume, stop recording from a quick action toolbar available to them from any of the opened tabs in Class
  • Users now have access to their recording controls from the floating toolbar. They can start, stop, pause, resume recording while sharing their screen either to the cloud or to their computer
  • When an Instructor or Assistant starts a recording sessions, all other users will be notified with an audio notification and a visual notification bar indicating that recording is in session
Screen Sharing
  • Users can now alter their screen share from floating toolbar
  • Users can now reposition the floating toolbar while sharing their screen
  • Users can control their audio and video from the floating toolbar
  • The floating screen toolbar will be visible to users when they do not have the Class application in focus
Teaching Tools
  • Improved the Play Video experience by automatically muting all users when a video is launched to avoid audio feedback
  • UI revamp of the Teaching Tools dialogs
  • Added delete buttons to Polls
  • Updated the Assignment submission type to default to online text
  • Added Cancel and Save buttons when editing questions
  • Added the Assessment type when listing out assessments
General Use
  • Requesting to mute/unmute or start/stop video sends a dialog to the requestee
  • Fonts in the application have been updated to Lato

Bug Fixes

Included below are the fixes that were made to address known issues or to improve the overall stability of the product.

  • Fixed issue where clicking a link in the chat would not open it in the browser
  • Fixed issue where the invitation email was in English
Teaching Tools
  • Fixed issue where the navigation bar for the webpage was missing
  • Fixed issue where verified students were not able to view launched teaching tools
  • Fixed issue where students were able to play a video configured to only be controlled by instructors
  • Fixed issue where users were unable to open new web windows or tabs when browsing the web
  • Fixed issue where students were unable to submit a video for an assignment
  • Removed non-functional button on Assignment file submissions
  • Fixed issue where Play Video would not accept a YouTube Kids video
  • Fixed issue where students were not displayed when instructors reviewed assessments to grade
General Use
  • Fixed issues with videos flashing or blinking and made several performance improvements
  • Fixed issue where users were prompted with an error dialog when attempting to update
  • Fixed issue where users were shown as Un-Focused after being verified
  • Fixed issues where users in waiting rooms were not visible in the participants list or did not appear to be waiting
  • Fixed issue with the application crashing when students entered waiting room
  • Fixed various issues surrounding verification, name changes, and role changes when leaving breakout rooms
  • Fixed issue when editing Class details, the selected dates and times did not display
  • Fixed issue where not all classes were displaying the schedule
  • Fixed issue where classes using special characters as passwords would not allow users to join

Known Issues

Included below are the open issues that our team is actively working to address. An updated list of known issues will be published with our next release.

Breakout Rooms
  • Sharing screens in a breakout room is currently only functional for the host Instructor
  • When returning to a breakout room after the instructor closes them, the main classroom page is empty
  • Inconsistencies with the profile video names and pictures
  • Intermittent crashes when joining a breakout room as an Assistant
  • Students see activities from previous breakout rooms when joining a new breakout room
  • Users see a dialog that they are “connecting” for a while after breakout rooms are closed
  • Participants see another message to join a breakout room when Instructor rejoins the class
  • Floating toolbar is carried over to the breakout room if the user was already sharing in the main classroom
  • The assign dropdown in the Breakout Room configuration screen does not display students that are already assigned to a Breakout Room
  • Participants are able to chat with users in other Breakout Rooms, when they should not be able to
  • When creating three breakout rooms, only two are created
Class Management
  • Attendance and Dashboard pages will not display corresponding class data until the next release. This information is still being captured within our system and the display of these pages will soon be updated to restore access to this information for end users
Screen Recording
  • Secondary Instructors are not able to record
  • Instructors crash when they start recording then open and join a Breakout Room
Teaching Tools
  • Importing Assignments, Assessments, and Polls displays an error message – it will still import
  • Share File dialog does not close automatically after launching a file
  • Students are sometimes unable to see the launched web page
  • Certain links on teaching tools activities are not loading
    • Links on activities description
    • Download Poll from the dialog
    • Questions preview
    • Export Gradebook data
  • Instructors and students are not able to launch LMS from Class
  • Instructors are able to launch an invalid URL via Browse the Web
  • After an instructor uploads a set of files and launches one, the other activity launch buttons are unresponsive
  • Instructors are unable to edit and delete Share File activities
Terminology Customization
  • The customized title for Class Roster is not displayed in the title of the window
Zoom Users
  • Participant tools do not work in the Zoom sidebar
  • Active activities are not listed on the Zoom sidebar
  • Zoom users are not receiving the link for a shared file
General Use
  • Launching Class creates two separate file and folder in the Windows desktop
  • Absent student is showing as Zoom participant in main classroom
  • The Office Hours icon is not functional, instructors must initiate via the schedule
  • Students removed from the class roster are still showing as verified
  • Participants are not able to see their current activities from the Participant Tools
  • The dialog to Join a Class has an input field that is not put into focus. The border for the input field and the validations also currently do not display
  • Instructors are not able to set the Front of Room to Instructors and Assistants
  • Instructors leaving and immediately rejoining a class may see an error message
  • Instructors are unable to add students to office hours
  • Users sometimes have issues rejoining meetings
  • Class Cams can see instructor only reactions in the sidebar
  • The TA role does not see the ‘Facilitator’ title in the sidebar when enhanced terminology customization is turned on