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Release Notes

Version 1.4.0 — May 13, 2021


This release introduces several usability improvements, an enhancement to breakout rooms where instructors can broadcast a message as well as a number of stability improvements.


Included below are the enhancements we have made to features currently existing in Class.

General Use
  • Improved screen recording experience with quick action buttons that allow instructors to manage the recordings.

  • An ability for instructors to broadcast messages to everyone in breakout rooms.

  • Student video feeds are now sorted by the time they joined from first joined to last whereas it was randomly displayed previously.

  • Updated the Reaction Menu Title from “Share with Presenting Users” to “Share with Instructor/Presenter”

  • Left-aligned checkmark for the Immerse Scene and Privacy Mode submenus on View.

Bug Fixes

Included below are the fixes that were made to address known issues or to improve the overall stability of the product.

General Use
  • Fixed an issue where students were able to join a class bypassing the waiting room set by the instructor.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the student videos were blank when there is a large number of students (over 100).
  • Fixed an issue where the close (x) was not appearing in the tabs for instructors.
  • Fixed an issue where the tab names were not appearing centered.
  • Fixed an issue where the right and left gallery arrows were causing the views to be detangled.
  • Fixed an issue where the gear icon in the header to get to settings was missing on some occasions.
  • Fixed an issue where video feed cards were not displayed for students when in speaker view.
  • Fixed an issue where video feed cards were disappearing randomly.
  • Fixed an issue where a student’s name in speaker view was changing to the instructor’s name on some occasions.
  • Fixed the misspelling where TAs appeared as TA’s under the front of the room submenu in the seating chart.
  • Fixed an issue where the users randomly appeared as unverified after being disconnected from the internet.
  • Fixed an issue where Seating Chart and View Menus were cutting off and improperly spaced. It is now responsive.
Breakout Rooms
  • Fixed an issue where the recording was discontinued when the instructor leaves a Breakout Room.
Screen Share
  • Fixed an issue where Screen share was misspelled and not centered in the tab.

Known Issues

Included below are the open issues that our team is actively working to address. An updated list of known issues will be published with our next release.

Breakout Groups
  • Instructors sometimes lose access to the teaching tools panel when returning from a breakout session. When this occurs, this can be addressed by leaving the class and rejoining.
Course Launch (LTI V1.1)
  • Instructors and students that use multiple accounts on the same device to launch classes from their LMS will experience issues with the system identifying them in classroom sessions.
Sidebar (Zoom users only)
  • In some cases, when students’ internet connections are interrupted, they may need to leave the classroom and rejoin in order for the sidebar to work properly.
General Use
  • Changing alternate host on Zoom’s web portal does not update in Class once the class has been created.
  • The instructor profile panel may disappear upon pining from the podium. A workaround is to resize.