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Last updated: July 7th, 2022.


Class’s Developer Platform enables you to harness the power of Class’s data, resources, and API services for you to integrate and expand your virtual learning experience.

With Class’s API, you can perform bulk operations, automate mission-critical steps in setting up and maintaining your Class instance, and easily sync Class data into your organization’s systems of record.

What will it include?

  • Instructions on how to start using our APIs

  • Code samples and walkthroughs

Additional Resources:

Using the Class API

Class uses API keys to allow access to the API. A new Class API key can be registered through the Class Admin Portal, in the API Keys section.

Please note: Only Class Admins have access to API keys. You must have an Admin user account, administrator privileges, and necessary authenticated user credentials to log in. Contact your organization’s Class Administrator if necessary for permissions.

This is what the API Keys tab may look like in the Class Admin Portal in your organization’s Class instance.

Creating an API Key

When creating a new API Key, you will be prompted to enter data into several form fields and select the scopes for the API:

  • Key Name

  • Description

  • Expiration date (when the key expires or is no longer valid)

  • Scopes (read/write capability)

Before saving the key, you can also enable the key or save it unenabled for later enablement.


The base URL for building API requests is displayed in the Class admin portal, after saving the new key. You can also view the other details for the key you created.

Additional Information


When using the Class API, as noted in the Developer Portal, you will use your API key’s secret value as the authorization to execute the API. Class expects the API key to be included in all API requests to the server.


When creating Classes via API, instructors may see a notification in Class indicating that Classes have been scheduled for them. They can accept the Classes to have them added to their schedule.

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