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Instructional Designers

Last updated: June 6th, 2022.

Instructional Designers and Administrators will have access to a new Template Manager from the Class home screen. They will be able to access the course template library and can edit, share, reuse reusable learning designs, and scale offerings across an organization.


The Instructional Designer role can be assigned to users by the Administrators via the Class Admin Portal. Select Add User or edit on a current user.


Add user details, select instructional designer under roles, and select save.


Instructional designers/admins have access to a new Template Manager screen from the home page. IDs / Admins may create new blank templates from the template manager screen.


On the create a new template page, you will be first asked to name your template. You will be able to rename it later. Adding a description is optional. Select next.


Once settings are selected, you will be able to add shared files.

Adding shared files will take you to the share files screen. You are able to add file URLs and Files.


Once files are added, you will have the option to load content for teaching tools (assignments, assessments/quizzes/tests, surveys, polls, websites, and videos). Once the Course Template is closed, it will auto save as a draft. An ID / Admin will need to publish the template to make it visible/available for instructors. 


IDs / Admins may unpublish published templates from the template manager screen. Select the more drop-down and select Unpublish. You will be prompted to select unpublish if you’d like to hide the template from public use. Draft templates will only appear to instructional designers. Classes already created from previously published templates will be unaffected.


Instructional designers/Admins may edit the teaching tools of an existing template from the template manager screen. Published templates will be pushed to drafts. The template must be published again to be available for public use.


IDs / Admins may delete templates from the template manager screen. Select the more drop-down and select delete.

Select delete or cancel when prompted.

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