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Organization Onboarding Process

Last updated: May 12th, 2023.

Below is an outline of the process when an organization becomes a customer of Class. These steps are completed by the Class and the organization’s Class Admin with guidance and assistance from the Class team.

Setting Up Your Instance of Class

Upon execution of a contract with Class, a member of the Global Services and Support team will initiate the creation of your organization’s Class instance. This will include the organization-specific landing page with:

  • Organization Name
  • Organization subdomain (your organization’s Class URL)
  • Organization URL that points to a logo file

We’ll ask you to provide us with the preferred name and logo to use on your Class instance. A web-based logo would be ideal so we can link to it and you can update it if needed.

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will ask for the name and email of the person who will serve as the primary Class Administrator so that we can set that person as the first Admin in Class. 

It is expected that person will be available for the initial Class installation meeting and become the designated Class admin, although additional team members at your organization may also be added as Admins in Class.

Want to know more about what your Class Administrator can do in Class: Check out the Class Application Admin Settings document. 


Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will schedule a time to meet with you to review your contract terms and outline the onboarding process. There are a few steps in the onboarding process, which may vary depending on what was completed during the sales cycle, but may include:

  • Kick-off call: Meet your CSM and review the terms of your Class contract, outline an agenda for onboarding
  • Installation: Your CSM reconnects you with your Solutions Engineer (SE) to conduct the technical integration between Class and Zoom, conduct your Admin training in Class, conduct a test of Class to be sure all systems are working correctly, and discuss or review your app deployment plan.
  • Training: Your CSM will introduce you to the Training team to schedule and plan your Class training hours.
  • Technical Consultation (if needed): After Installation and training have started, you may find that additional technical configuration is needed. Your CSM will bring your SE back for further discussion to determine the best course of action to keep your organization moving forward with Class. 
  • Enhanced Installation/Customizations (if needed): Some organizations may have requested additional or customized services; If so, your CSM will work with you, your SE, and our internal Professional Services team to scope the work and propose a project plan to move forward.

What Can You and Your Organization Do to Get Ready to Get Started with Class?

Zoom Marketplace Pre-Approval

Because Class works in conjunction with your Zoom Business, Enterprise or Education account, your Zoom Administrator will need to pre-approve your Class instructors and Admins so that they can use both applications with their Zoom account. 

Your Zoom Administrator may opt to pre-approve Class for all users in your organization, selected users, or selected groups. As a Class point of content or Class admin, you may decide who in your organization will need access to Class as an instructor and provide this list to your Zoom administrator. Don’t worry – your CSM and SE can work with you to determine a plan if you are unsure.

Please read and share the following documents with your Zoom administrator:

Class Application Deployment

Class is built on the Zoom SDK and is a stand-alone application for Windows, Mac, and iPad. A Web App is also available.

You and your organization’s IT team may want to determine the best way to deploy the Class application to the devices of your instructors and learners. Consider:

  • What types of devices do our instructors have?
  • What types of devices do our learners have?
  • Do users have administrator rights to install and update apps on their own?
  • Does IT govern app installation on any user devices?

Class provides options to centrally deploy Class to Mac devices via Apple PKG; Windows devices via MSI; and iPads via Apple Store. Your CSM and SE will work with you to determine the best way forward and can be available to consult with your IT team as needed. 

Please read the Class installation guides for all platforms: Install Guides 

Whitelisting Class Domains in Your Network

Some organizations have restricted or limited access networks. Class provides a list of domains your IT or network administrators can place on the approved or “whitelist” resources to ensure your trainees and instructors can access the Class experience. 

This information is found in the Networking section of the Application Admin Settings. More information can be found here:

Become Acquainted with the Class Support Resources


The Class Support Resources are available at

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