Zoom Settings Configuration Options for Class

Last updated: May 31st, 2023.

Class Creation Settings

Some settings in Class correspond to Zoom settings.

Class Creation Setting Class Configuration Details Zoom Configuration Details
Class passcode Class provides an automated 10-character passcode. It is editable by the instructor. If the Zoom admin has set a passcode restriction or format requirement, Class passcode must follow the same restriction or format requirement.

*The Class LTI passcode is hard set to 10-digit alpha-numeric with special characters. This is not modifiable.  If the client’s Zoom admin has specified a lesser passcode specification, then the LTI will display a 1014 error.

Waiting Room
Option button is set to “Off” by default. 

The instructor may enable the Waiting Room to prohibit students from joining the Class until the instructor is ready to let them join. 

The Zoom Administrator may enable, disable or allow this setting to be modified by the individual incensed Zoom user. 

The Zoom meeting host / Class instructor must enable this setting in their user profile in Zoom to use it in Class. 

Learners can join before instructors
Option button is set to “Yes” by default. 

The instructor may enable the option to allow students to join the Class before the instructor joins the Class. 

The Zoom Administrator may enable, disable or allow this setting to be modified by the individual incensed Zoom user. 

The Zoom meeting host / Class instructor must enable this setting in their user profile in Zoom to use it in Class. 

Alternative Instructors (Optional) Alternative instructor email addresses may be entered with a semicolon and no spaces between each email address. Alt instructors must be:

  • Members of the same organization as the main host
  • Licensed Zoom users
  • Class instructors

Go into the Zoom Admin Dashboard on the zoom website. Account Management -> Account Settings -> Meeting -> In Meeting (Basic) -> Co-host, and ensure it is enabled.


*Instructors connecting through the LTI integration are automatically designated as alternative hosts for the LTI Class session and do not need to be specified under the meeting details.

Authenticated Users
Admin: In the Class admin portal, the Class Admin must enable the setting to give instructors the option to set up sessions with the required authentication.

Instructor: When creating a Class, select the Authentication option to enforce authentication for your meeting and select a preferred authentication method. 
To enforce authenticated users: Toggle the setting for  “Only authenticated meeting participants and webinar attendees can join meetings and webinars” 
Create Open Office Hours (Optional) Instructor:  If you would like to create an Open Office Hours meeting instead of scheduling a Class when using the Class app, you must enable personal meetings.  If you want to use the office hours feature in Class, please go to your schedule meeting settings in Zoom and Enable Personal Meeting ID.

Class Facilitation Settings

When facilitating a Class, the Instructor may opt to use these features in Class. The corresponding settings must be enabled in Zoom. 

Class Feature Class Configuration Details Zoom Configuration Details
Allow users to rejoin If you’d like participants the ability to rejoin after being removed, please go to your advanced Zoom settings and enable the functionality. Enable “Allow removed participants to rejoin” 
Annotations After an instructor shares the screen, participants can select the Annotate button on the floating toolbar to access the annotation tools. Enable Annotation (User Profile > In Meeting (Basic). 
Auto-Recording Auto-Recording is enabled at the global level in Class and will force auto-recording for all Class sessions.  This cannot be disabled at the course or session level if enabled in the Class Admin Portal. Enable auto-recording in Zoom settings
Breakout Rooms Instructors and assistants with co-host privileges can create, open, close, and manage participants in breakout rooms. Enable the “Allow host to split meeting participants into separate, smaller rooms” setting in your Zoom Meeting > Advanced settings. 
Closed Captions Any user, given live transcription is enabled for the class, will be able to toggle on Closed captions.  Your Zoom Administrator may enable or disable this feature for the organization.

If the setting is Off > Locked by Admin, contact your Zoom Administrator. 
Mute all until called on Class will assist you in muting all students until you call on one of them. 

When enabled, a student will get a pop-up message indicating that they cannot unmute themselves unless called upon.

Enable the “Mute all participants when they join a meeting” setting in your Zoom user profile

In the Class app, before users join, select the “Mute all users unless Called on” setting in the Audio menu (mic icon)

Recording A Class Instructor may record a Class session if the Zoom settings are enabled for their Zoom account. 

Please note that only the active speaker and shared screens are recorded. The classroom tab/gallery is not recorded. 

Zoom Administrator must have Recording enabled for Zoom licensed users. May enable recording locally and/or cloud recording.

Zoom Host / Class instructor may determine where local recordings are stored if local recordings are enabled.

Zoom Host / Class instructor may retrieve recording links from Zoom after the recordings have been processed from their personal Zoom recording collection. 

Screen Share The Class instructor may allow users to share their screen during the Class session. 

The instructor may choose “Only the instructor” or ‘All participants.” 

The Zoom user must enable the setting “Allow host and participants to share their screen or content during meetings and webinars.”

The user may choose “Only the host” or “All participants.” 

Sound notification when someone joins or leaves The Class instructor may enable sound notification when someone joins or leaves the session. 

This will need to be set up in the Zoom settings.

The Zoom user must enable the “Sound notification when someone joins or leaves” setting.

From the navigation panel, select Account Management, then Account Settings. Click the Meeting tab, look for the “To enable Sound notification when someone joins or leaves” setting, and enable the toggle.

Virtual Backgrounds Users may select a virtual background.  The use of custom virtual backgrounds may be enabled in your personal Zoom settings unless otherwise controlled by your organization’s Zoom settings. 

Your Zoom admin may have preloaded some backgrounds for you.

Additional Settings for Class Administrators

Zoom Resources

These resources in the Zoom library may be helpful for your Zoom Administrator. For example, learning how to set some of the above settings “globally” and “locking” them may limit some of the set-up tasks for users in your organizations and make it easier to manage for large groups of Class users.

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