How to Create Breakout Rooms

Last updated: Jul 19, 2022.

Instructors and assistants with co-host privileges can create, open, close, and manage participants in breakout rooms


Instructors can start a breakout room by selecting the Breakout+ button on the bottom toolbar. A new window will pop up asking how many breakout rooms to create.


The instructor has the option to assign rooms automatically, assign them manually, or allow participants to choose. The total number of available learners is shown below the Create Breakout Rooms heading. Once the desired preferences are selected, select Create.


To add a countdown after closing breakout rooms, select an option from the dropdown menu next to the heading. 


To automatically close breakout rooms, select an option from the dropdown menu next to the heading.


When assigning rooms automatically, review the rooms and the number of learners assigned to each.
Note: “Recreate” takes the instructor back to the previous page
Note: “Add Room” allows the instructor to create an additional breakout room


To move a learner to a different breakout group, navigate to the dropdown menu titled Move To and select another breakout room.


When assigning breakout rooms manually, select Assign. A dropdown menu will populate with the learners that can be assigned to breakout rooms.


Once the room assignments have been determined, to open the breakout rooms select Open All Rooms to send learners to the breakout rooms.


The next screen will give the instructor the option to join one of the breakout rooms or to close all rooms. Closing all rooms will bring all of the learners back into the main gallery of Class.


To leave a breakout room, select Leave and then select Leave Breakout Room.

Note: By clicking Leave Class, you will leave this Class session.

Instructors have the option to leave a breakout room from the Create Breakout Rooms menu. Click Leave next to the name of the room.

How to Chat with Breakout Rooms


One option is to navigate to the Chat tab and select the breakout room from the dropdown menu


Instructors can also navigate to the All Breakout Rooms tab and open the context menu of the breakout room and select Open Chat

How to Launch Activities to Specific Breakout Rooms


To launch to specific rooms from the All Breakout Rooms tab select the context menu for the room and select the Launch [Activity] option. The instructor will be prompted with the dialog to select the activity to launch and which rooms to launch them in.

How to Broadcast a Message to Breakout Rooms


To broadcast a message to breakout rooms click the Broadcast Message button on the breakout room settings window.


After typing a message into the input field, click the Send button to broadcast it to learners.

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