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Last updated: January 10, 2023.

Class includes a fully featured grade book that manages all the activities and work in a Class. Instructors may access the Gradebook from the Class Management area of the sidebar.

Features / Options

Show a total score

Display a total score to the instructor and the learner when they view their grades. This is calculated based on weighting and “exclude missing” options below. By default, a learner’s current total grade will reflect the weighted points possible for all items they have received grades for vs. the grades they have been given.

Manually set weights for total

When “Yes” allow the instructor to weight grades to be a percentage of the total grade. If set to “no” all grades are treated as equal. For example, if an instructor has a “final exam” that counts for 30% of the total grade they can set that here. Note the total of all the grade weights should be 100%

Exclude missing grades from averages

This is used to keep a running score for the learner’s progress in the class. By excluding missing items from averages, assignments and quizzes that are in the future won’t be included in the “total score” If this is set to “no” the student’s total score will be calculated by treating missing items as a “zero”

Points Based Grading Only

All grades in class are points based. We do not currently support grade book scales where letter grades can be mapped to a letter grade (e.g. >=90% is an A). We also do not support entering percentage grades or letter grades.

Managing Grade Items

Grade-able activities like Quizzes and Assignments will automatically be added to the gradebook as a column. Quizzes that can be automatically graded (e.g. multiple choice / true/ false) will show a score when the student submits the quiz. Instructors may add custom columns to record grades from sources other than Class or score items like class participation

Setting Grades

Grades for grade-able activities can be managed via the activity manager for Quizzes / Assignments. Instructors should be able to click on the “column” to grade all completed and ungraded items. Instructors may also click on the cell (row + column) and set a manual grade for any item.

Grading From Activities

From Assignments and Assessments / Quizzes / Tests instructors may launch grading workflows for a student. Generally, this should be done after the student has submitted the activity.

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