How to Use Health Check

Last updated: November 30, 2022.


To proactively monitor device memory, CPU utilization, bandwidth, and permissions on the Class app, join your Class and select the gear icon above the podium. You will see a caution icon above the gear when something requires your attention.


Select health check in settings. Under the system tab, you will see the Current CPU and memory display for your device. If these have green check marks, they are performing well.

  • Current CPU – Class: total CPU in use by the Class app in real-time
  • Current CPU – Overall/System: total in-use CPU on the system in real-time
    • Health Check CPU % is calculated on a 0-100% scale. Other CPU monitoring applications may calculate CPU % differently.
  • Memory – Class: real-time RAM consumption by Class
  • Memory – Overall/Available: % of RAM used on the system in real-time


Under the network tab, you will see audio, video, and screen-sharing systems display excellent or poor. If an item is muted, turned off, or not in use, it will display as blank.


  • Backend Services: successful/slow/failed ping to our global rest backend
  • Web Meeting Services: successful/slow/failed ping to our rest api
  • Supporting Services: successful/slow/failed ping to s3 aws bucket
  • Audio/Video/Screen Share: display the send/receive connection quality as reported by Zooms API


Select the permissions tab. For the best experience, Class needs your permission to access 4 areas of your device, microphone, camera, screen recording, and notifications.

Instead of manually going to your system preferences, click the arrow icon to open your system permissions automatically. When a change is made to your permissions, you will be prompted to quit and restart the application. All areas will have a green check mark when complete.

Please note:  Windows does not have a permissions tab under health check. Microphone and camera are automatically enabled on Windows.  If this is blocked by IT, you will need to reach out to your IT admins to enable these settings. For more information, read our knowledge base on windows security and privacy.

Health check on Windows:

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