How to Chat with Learners

Last updated: March 21, 2023.

The Chat feature allows learners to send messages to instructors and TAs, as well as other learners.

Note: We recommend that all learners join meetings from the Class application. However, if a learner joins via Zoom they will need to ensure they launch the sidebar, which is automatically sent over via a Zoom chat, to be able to communicate with the instructor and the rest of the class.


Chat bubbles alert users to any unread private messages with a notification counter on the video display of the sender matching the notification counter in the participant list next to the sender’s name. Once a user selects the chat bubble, the chat menu on the sidebar will open to display the unread messages. Once the message has been read, the chat bubbles will disappear. The notification counter will display “9+” on Windows devices for any groups of unread messages exceeding nine; on all other clients, the counter will display up to “99+” messages.


Chat bubbles are also visible to Instructors and TAs from the master view of enhanced breakout rooms, indicating the number of chats sent within each breakout room.  Users can now send messages to everyone in the room and individually to students. Select the drop-down to select a student to chat with.


Select Everyone to message the entire class. To send a message, type and hit enter on your keyboard or select the up-facing arrow.


You have the ability to toggle with who learners can chat with. Select the gear. A drop-down menu will appear where you can have learners interact with No One, Instructors Only, Instructors and Everyone Publicly and Everyone. You can toggle this at any time during the class.

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