How to Create a Class Using an Existing Zoom Meeting

Last updated: April 12, 2022.

Please note: Class uses the PMI (Personal meeting ID) of a user’s Zoom account to utilize the Office Hours feature. PMIs can not be used when creating a class from the existing zoom meeting option. Users will need to grab the automatically generated ID from their existing Meetings on Zoom.


To create a new class with an existing Zoom Meeting, sign in to your Class app, and select Use an Existing Zoom Meeting via the arrow.


A new window will appear where you can enter your Meeting ID. Once entered, select Submit.


When creating a new class with an existing Zoom Meeting, you will not be able to change the Class Name, Description, Class Passcode, Waiting Room, Alt hosts and Learners Joining Before Instructor within Class. These options would need to be inputted on your personal Zoom settings when creating the class within Zoom.

Please note: Alt hosts will carry over from your Zoom meeting.


Once your title, days of the week, and time are finalized, select Schedule on the bottom right of the window.


Your new class will now appear on your class schedule. You can now add learners to a class.

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