How to Create a Poll

Last updated: February 18, 2022.


To create a poll, go into a classroom and select Teaching Tools. Below teaching tools, select Polling. A new window will open. Select Create New Poll.


Another window will open where the instructor can create a new poll. The instructor can update the poll question and the description. Within the description, the instructor can add links along with a video recording for providing context for the poll.

There are drop-down options for Allow more than one choice to be selected, Allow Choice to be updated, and display mode for the options.


The instructor is able to toggle the due date and published results along with the privacy of the results. Live poll results will show all answers, regardless of whether a learner has answered them or not.


Scroll back to the top and select options. Add the options for your poll to select. Once ready, select Save on the bottom right of the page.


Once saved, select Launch, and the poll will appear in the attendee’s view.


Select the three dots to edit, review, duplicate or delete the poll.


Once on the poll editing page, select Reset Launch Status after editing any part of the poll. The instructor can now launch the poll to the class again.

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