How to Create and Grade Assignments

Last updated: April 19, 2022.


To create an assignment, start a class and go to Teaching Tools. Once selected, the sidebar will appear. Select Assignment and then select Create New. You could also import an assignment here as well. Read more about importing in our importing guide. 


You will be prompted to enter an assignment name, a description, and a due date. One feature to highlight is the ability to record a video by selecting the camera icon within the description toolbar. You will be able to record yourself describing the assignment for the learners to reference. The maximum Grade defaults to 100 points but is adjustable.

You are also able to select the submission type: Online text or file submissions.

Select Save when complete.


Once the assignment is saved, you are able to launch it to the class which will push open a new tab for all learners and instructors. Only instructors will be able to close it out for the rest of the class. Select Launch.


You can grade on the assignment page that is launched or within the assignment window, you can select Grade.


You will see the learner’s response or if a learner does not have a response, it will say No Submission as displayed below. You can submit a grade within the grade box. Once ready, select Save.


Once you select Okay, it will take you back to the assignment window.


You will see the status has changed to Submitted / Graded. The learner will see their grade when they select learner tools -> Grades. 


You can go back and edit the assignment at any time. You will need to reset launch status if you edit the assignment.


You can delete the assignment. You will be prompted with a message asking if you are sure you want to delete the activity and you can select delete or cancel.


When you select launch, learners will see the activity in a tab. They are able to toggle from the classroom tab to the activity. When the activity is launched, it will jump as the primary tab for all.

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