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How to Create an Assessment, Quiz, and Test

Last updated: May 16, 2022.


From within Class, select Teaching Tools. On the sidebar, select Assessment/Quiz/Test.
A new window will open within the app. Select Create New Assessment.
Assessments can be created before or during class time.
Assessments can also be imported


The Create New dialog box appears. Enter the name of the assessment. From the drop-down, select the type of assessment (assessment, quiz, or test). Then enter instructions for learners.

Due date

Select a due date from the following options:

  • No Due Date
  • Due before class ends
  • Hours and Minutes
  • Date

Advanced options

  • Questions per page – Select number of questions to appear on each page.
  • Answer questions in order – Select Free or sequential.
  • Shuffle within questions –  This will shuffle the questions for each learner.

Feedback display

  • Adaptive mode or Adaptive Mode (No Penalties) – Allows learners multiple attempts to answer a question and check their answers before proceeding. If Adaptive mode is selected, the learner’s score will be impacted by the number of attempts taken to correctly answer the question.
  • Deferred feedback – Learners must answer all questions and then submit the Assessment/Quiz/Test  before receiving a grade and feedback.
  • Immediate feedback – Learner can submit their response immediately and have it graded. However, the learner can only submit one response, they cannot change it later.
  • Deferred feedback or Immediate feedback with Certainty-based marking (CBM) – With CBM, the learner does not only answer the question, but they also indicate how sure they are they got the question right. Grading is adjusted by the choice of certainty so that learners have to reflect honestly on their own level of knowledge in order to get the best mark.
  • Interactive with multiple tries – allows learners to check their answers and try again. Once the question is answered correctly, the learner will not get an option to check their answer and will need to submit their answers to view the instructor’s feedback.

Click Save. 


Adding Questions to assessment/quiz/test

Click on the Questions tab. Select Add New Question. The Choose a Question Type dialog box appears. Select desired question type.  More about the question types found here.


Selecting a question type will open a new window. Here, we will walk through creating a multiple-choice question.


Name each question and add Question text.
Set the following options as desired:

  • point value – Text box, input desired point value
  • allow multiple answers – Multiple answers allowed or One answer only
  • number the choices – choose a numbering schema (abc, 123, etc.)
  • shuffle the choices – Yes or no
  • show standard instructions – Yes or no


Enter text and provide a grade for each choice option.
If a choice is incorrect, select None or partial credit for the grade.
If the answer is the only correct answer, select 100%.
Add feedback text here to provide immediate feedback to the learner once the quiz is submitted for grading.


Add additional choices if needed. Once complete, select Save.


Selecting Launch will display the assessment to the learners. Clicking the three dots allows the instructor to edit, grade, duplicate or delete the assessment.


Once the assessment is launched, it will open a tab for the learners to take. As an instructor, you are able to preview the assessment and close the tab when complete.

Changes in Class Version 2.15

When in a Class, select Learning Tools in the toolbar at the bottom of the application, select Course Content, and last select Assessment/Quiz/Test. Instructors will be able to create Assessments, Quizzes, and Tests as documented above in steps 2 through 9.

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