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How to Navigate the Classroom

Last updated: November 11th, 2021.


The Teacher’s Podium feature creates a prominent space in the top left corner of the Class screen. This allows class members to focus on whoever is currently speaking to the class. Instructors can assign the Teacher’s Podium to other class members when it is their turn to speak.


The green shield icon above the podium to the left leads you to the information about the class. Here you can access your meeting ID, passcode, and direct link to access the class. The gear icon above the podium provides access to your settings.


The Seating Chart feature allows instructors to view the members of their class in different views. The Alphabetical view feature shows all participants listed on the screen in alphabetical order by last name. Hand Raised view lists the students in order of who has had their hand raised the longest to who has had their hand raised the least. The Feedback view shows first the students that are displaying feedback for the instructor to see. Newest feedback is shown first and only available for instructors and TAs to see. The Participation view orders students by the level of participation in class, which reflects the amount of time each student spoke during the class. The Unverified view first displays students that have not been verified by the instructor.


Audio and video can be controlled at the bottom of the classroom. Cameras and speakers can be selected, as well as virtual backgrounds.


The Class App Feedback functionality allows instructors and students to interact in ways that are more familiar and typical to a classroom setting. Students provide feedback to the instructor or the whole class in real-time.


The participant gallery will display students’ video panels along with their reactions that display on top of their video. You can navigate through the pages of students using the arrow buttons.


As an instructor, you have the ability to end class for all or just simply leave class if another instructor is taking over. End class for all will close the class for everyone.


As an instructor, you also have the ability to share your screen or adjust the share screen setting by selecting the up arrow next to Share Screen. Selecting Record gives you the option to record your Class to the cloud or locally to your device. AS the host of the meeting you can select Breakout+ which will launch the breakout room configuration window.


When you have a waiting room set for your class, you will see a clock next to students’ names in the participant list. If multiple students are in the waiting room, you can use the Admit All button to admit them all at once.


You can sort the participants lists alphabetically by first or last name by clicking the dropdown button to the right of Sort by: at the top of the participants list.

Changes in Class Version 2.15:

Tabs now stretch across the full width of the screen, giving you space to share and access more content in a given session. Now participants can navigate between even more resources, files, web pages, and more to create an active and engaging learning environment. The Gear icon (Settings) is now found at the right end of the list of tabs.

We’ve simplified our interface to make frequently used tools and controls easier to navigate and access by grouping them all into the toolbar at the bottom of the application. You’ll now find Participants, Chat, and Learning Tools on the bottom Class toolbar. 

Click on the Participants, Chat, or Learning Tools buttons to open a floating panel that can be undocked and moved freely about the screen allowing instructors to view multiple tool panels simultaneously.

We’ve added a new Learning Tools button to the lower Class Toolbar. Clicking on the Learning Tools button gives the instructor access to Course Content and  Class Management tools.

Clicking on the Course Content tab in the Learning Tools panel gives access to the Syllabus, Assignment, Assessment/Quiz/Test, Survey, Polling, Learning Management System tools.

Clicking on the Class Management tab in the Learning Tools panel gives access to the Class Roster, Attendance, Gradebook, Dashboard, and Instructor FAQ tools.

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