How to Play Video

Last updated: February 18, 2022.


To play videos in the classroom and display them to learners, select Teaching Tools. Under teaching tools, select Play Video. A new window will appear that is only visible to the instructor. Select Add a New Video.


Insert a video name and a Youtube URL. The video name can be of the instructor’s choosing. When ready, select Submit.

Note: YouTube and YouTube Kids videos are currently supported with the Play Video feature.

Note: Please use https:// when sharing a website


The instructor can edit or delete their video by selecting the three dots.


Once submitted, the instructor will be able to select Launch and a new tab will appear.


Once the instructor selects Launch they will be prompted to select if the instructor or learners will have the ability to control the video. Once selected, the video will be displayed to the entire class.


Only the instructor can close out the tab at the top by selecting X.

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