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How to Rename Yourself or a Learner

Last updated: April 18, 2022.


If you want to change your own name or for anyone else, you can do so by going to Class Management > Class Roster > Click the Radial Buttons > Edit. 


You will then have the option to change the First/Last Names, Display Name and Email Address. Change the display name and click Submit.


You can also do this outside of a class. Go to Class Schedule from the homepage. Select the class on the left-hand side.


Once selected, select Class Roster. Go to the three dots and select edit.

Changes in Class Version 2.15

The Class Learning Tools are now located on the Class Toolbar. Clicking the Learning Tools button will open the new floating Learning Tools panel. By default, the panel will be located under the podium.

Clicking the pop-out button will undock the Learning Tools window which can then be moved freely about the screen.

Undocking will allow instructors to view floating Chat, Participant, and Learning Tools windows simultaneously.

How to rename yourself or a Learner in Class version 2.15:

  1. Click the Learning Tools button on the Class Toolbar
    • The floating Learning Tools window will appear
  2. Click on Class Management
  3. Select Class Roster
    • The Class Roster will appear
  4. Click the Ellipsis next to the person to be renamed
  5. Select Edit from the menu

You will then have the option to change the First/Last Names, Display Name and Email Address.
Change the Display Name field and click Submit.

How to rename yourself or another participant from the Class Scheduler page using Class version 2.15

  1. Access the Schedule Page in the Class app
  2. Click on desired Class in the All Classes column
  3. Click the hamburger menu in the upper right quadrant of the page
  4. Choose Class Roster
    1. Class Roster will be displayed
  5. Click the ellipsis next to the name of the desired participant
  6. Choose Edit
  7. Change Participant’s First/Last/Display names as desired
  8. Click Submit to save changes
  9. Click the back arrow to exit the Roster


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