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How to Use Notes

Last updated: October 19th, 2022.

This Notes feature empowers users to save and write their own in-class notes from the sidebar and to incorporate real-time transcription into their notes, as well as screenshots.


Within an active class, when the Host Instructor has turned on Live Transcription, the app displays the transcript under the notes section. Select Notes from the sidebar to view and type in the textbox at the bottom of the section.


Users can toggle the transcript, their notes, or both. Check or uncheck the box at the top of the notes section.


To highlight text, select the brush on the top left of the note section. Then, highlight the text of your choice from the session. Text will highlight in light yellow.


To erase highlighted text, select the eraser on the top left of the notes section. Hover over the highlighted text and it will highlight in red. Select the text and the highlighting will be removed.

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