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Importing Polls, Assessments, and Assignments from Another Class Course

Last updated: February 18, 2022.


Instructors and assistants have the ability to import polls, assignments, assessments, quizzes, and tests from other courses that they have created in Class. Click Teaching Tools and then Import from the configuration window for the corresponding teaching tool.

Note: the import action is currently supported for content elements from courses that have been created by the current user. Additional, more expansive tools for copying content will be made available in the near future.


Upon selecting Import, the instructor will be prompted to select the course from which they would like to import content items, after which they will be required to select the specific content items that they would like to import. The screenshot below depicts the workflow for Polls, but the steps will be the same for other supported content elements.


After selecting Import in the bottom-right region of the window, the system will import the selected content elements. Once the import is complete, the Imported column will be updated with the date and time that the content element was imported.


Upon navigating back to the main configuration window for the corresponding teaching tool, the imported content items will be shown among the list of other content items that existed already within the course. Imported content items can be edited and launched without altering the content items from the original course.

Changes in Class Version 2.15

When in a Class, select Learning Tools in the toolbar at the bottom of the application, select Course Content and then Import from the configuration window for the corresponding learning tool. Instructors can follow the steps documented above to import content.

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