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Inviting a Sign Language Interpreter

Last updated: April 11, 2022.


First the instructor will need to get the Class link to send to the interpreter so that they can join the Class session.  

To do that:

  • Open Class session
  • Click the shield button in the top left corner
  • Copy the Class link


When the interpreter clicks the link to join the Class, interpreter will have the ability to:

  • Download the latest Class app
  • Launch the class in Class
  • Or launch in regular Zoom without Class functionality

If you have the application downloaded, select Launch the class in Class


If the interpretor wants to download the Class app and enjoy the full Class Experience, they can click the link to Download Now.  

They will then need to install the application. Install Guides available here.


If the interpreter is not interested in downloading Class, they can join from regular Zoom by clicking the words click here to join from regular Zoom.


  • The interpreter will join as a new participant 
  • Do NOT verify this participant! (this would add them to the roster)
  • On their user menu, scroll to Set Camera, and select Sign Language Camera
  • Then the instructor can pin the Sign Language Camera under the Instructor Podium


The instructor can also move the Sign Language Camera to the podium.

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