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Muting Learners

Last updated: July 19, 2023.

Nothing is more distracting than background noise. With Class, instructors have three different ways to mute learners’ and co-instructors audio.

Mute All

All learners, co-instructors, and other participants will be muted by clicking the Mute All button. The mute all button is located on the sidebar above the participant panel. The instructor will see users microphones all turn red on the participant panel and the video panels once mute all has been selected.

Mute All Users Unless Called On

The instructor can select the option to Mute All Users Unless Called On on the bottom toolbar by selecting the caret to the right of the Unmute button. Mute All Users Unless Called On will restrict all users without Instructor or Assistant privileges from unmuting unless an instructor permits them.

Muting Individual Users

The instructor can mute users individually by clicking the context menu with three dots on a user’s video tile. Users may also be muted by following the same steps by clicking Mute on their video tile.  Users may also be muted in the Participant list by hovering over their name and clicking Mute.

Changes in Class Version 2.15

Participants are now located in the Class Toolbar.  Clicking Participants will open the new floating Participant panel.  By default, the panel will be under the podium.

Clicking the pop-out button will open a new Participants window that you can move freely.  The Mute All button is located on the Participants window.  Instructors may also mute individual users by hovering over their names in the Participants window.

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