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ChromeOS: How to whitelist Class app in Google Admin Console

Last updated: October 8th, 2021.

Platform: ChromeOS

Version: 89.0.4389+ (Play Store compatibility required)

Issue: Instructors want to disable full access to the Google Play Store in order to prevent students from downloading apps other than those deemed acceptable.

Note: This knowledge base does not explain the process for setting up your Google Admin Console. It will only explain how to enable the Play Store and then whitelist an app, the Class app specifically.

How To:

  1. If the Play Store and Managed Google Play are already enabled on your account, please skip to step 4
  2. Enable the Play Store and Management in the Admin Console by going to Apps → Additional Google Services

3. Turn on the “Google Play” and “Managed Google Play” services. You can enable or disable this for different organizational units – *This change make take up to 24 hours

4. Go to Devices → Chrome → Apps & extensions → Users & Browser

5. At the top right, go to “Additional Settings”

6. At the top of the page, you will see the Allow/block mode setting, click on “Edit”

7. Select the drop-down under Play Store and choose the option that best suits your need
Block all apps, admin manages allowlist – This will allow you to choose which apps the students see in the Play store or allow you to push the app out to their device
Allow all apps, admin manages blocklist – This will require you to block specific apps that you do not want students to install on their devices. Any app not added to this list will be able to be installed by the students.

8. Back on the right side, click on Users & browsers

9. On the bottom right side, click on the + icon and select Add from Google Play

10. Search for “Class Technologies” and select the Class app and accept the app permissions

11. After the app is added, the page will refresh and you will see the app under Users and browsers

12. You will need to select the Installation Policy, the default is Allow Install – This will allow students to search for the app from the store and install it on their device.
There are 3 other options to select from
Force install + pin to Chrome OS taskbar
Force install – students will need to go into their app drawer to find the app
Block – students cannot install this app

13. After selecting your Installation policy setting, at the top right click on “SAVE”

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