ChromeOS: Updating Android System Webview for ChromeOS and Android Devices

Last updated: June 27th, 2022.

Platform: Android / ChromeOS

Version: 2.3.1


Android and ChromeOS applications are checked once every 24 hours for backgrounded, automatic updating by the Google Play Store. If a device is not powered on or internet-connected, then the update will not initiate until the next 24-hour cycle occurs. With the most recent updates of the Class App to 2.3.0 and 2.3.1, users must also make sure that their Android System Webview (an error message will present itself that Webview must be updated) is on the most recent version.


Users can follow the below path to access the Playstore and update Android System Webview manually.

Google Play Store > click Manage Apps and Devices from the User Menu > click Manage > select Android System Webview > click Update

**Update is not present on the above video as the application is on the current version**


  • Users can also search directly for “Android System Webview” in the Google Play Store as opposed to following the path.
  • 3 different cases for updating Android Webviewer when users do not have access to the Google Play Store
    • Case 1: Google Play store privileges are limited by the school’s IT Admin
      • User will need to contact their school’s IT Admin to update the Android Webviewer
    • Case 2: Google Play store privileges are limited by an organization’s Google MDM Solution
      • Users will need to contact their Google Administrator to update the Android Webviewer
    • Case 3: Google play store privileges are only available for the main Chromebook profile, and the current user is logged in as a guest.
      • ‘The user will need to log in to the main Chromebook profile in order to access the Google Play Store to update.

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