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Class: Adding Class Session Dates and Times for Classes Created from an LMS

Last updated: January 11th, 2022.

Platform: Class

Version: All



The LMS doesn’t automatically generate session dates and times when a class is created within Class. To have accurate attendance data the Instructor needs to edit the class created with the correct dates and times of the class.



Once you have created a class from your LMS, edit the class in the LMS under “Edit Class details” and “Add Class Dates.”

To do this:

Log in to your Class application and navigate to the Class Schedule by clicking the See Class Schedule button.

Inside the LMS, users registered as instructors within a particular LMS will also be able to change LMS classes in the following ways:

  • Edit Class Details:
    • Class Name, Class ID, School name, Description, Class passcode
  • Add / Edit class dates
    • Add or edit these fields:
      • Start time and end time
      • Date start and date end
      • Days of the week
      • Timezone
      • Topic
      • Remove scheduled dates
      • Enable/Disable Waiting Room
      • Enable/Disable Students Join Before Instructor

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