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Class: Dashboard Metrics

Last updated: March 13th, 2023.

Platform: Class

Version: All


Dashboard metrics will not update until two minutes after the last participant leaves Class. Once the session is finished, you can access the dashboard and see updated metrics from that Class. To read our dashboard instructor guide, select here.



Class Time

Session length of selected date

  • Semester Avg

Average session length for all sessions of this class

Facilitator Talk Time

Total talk time of

  • Semester Avg

Average facilitator talk time for all sessions of this class

Participant Talk Time

Total talk time (sum) of all participants in this session

  • Semester Avg

For the selected session, the average total talk time among participants


Total number of learners in the roster who “attended”

Attendance Semester Avg

Aggregate attendance of learners in roster across all session to date

Avg. Participant Talk Time

Average talk time of a participant in this session

  • Semester Avg

Average talk time of a participant across sessions in this class

Times Participants Raised Hands

Total number of hands raised this session

  • Semester Avg

Average number of hands raised in a session

Times Learners Gave Private Feedback

Total number of private reactions and feedback this session

  • Semester avg

Average number of reactions and feedback in a session




Participant name as logged in roster

Talk Time

Talk time in this session in minutes during this session

Focus Time

Time the participant had the Class application in focus on their device during this session

Hand Raises

Total number of times participant raised their hand during this session


Total number of reactions or feedback selected by participant during this session


Maximum number of stars given during this session

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