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Class: Inviting an Auto-Answer User or Room

Last updated: August 27, 2021.

Platform: Class

Version: All

Issue: Class doesn’t have a way to browse contacts and invite users or rooms configured to auto-answer. To have these users or rooms participate in Class, invite them using the Zoom application as you normally would using the class meeting id. Once joined, the users or rooms will be able to see shared displays or apps shared from the Class app and hear audio and video of all participants. Teaching tools will not be viewable in Zoom without clicking the link in the Zoom chat, which may not be possible from a classroom setting.


  1. As the Instructor, open the Zoom application and start the meeting of the class (classes created in Class will be listed in Zoom under recurring meetings.)

  2. Invite the user or room to the meeting in the Zoom app as you normally do with the auto-answer feature.

  3. Sign in to the Class app as the same user signed in to the Zoom app in step 1.

  4. Under Class Schedule find the name of your class and choose “Join.”

  5. All users should appear in the class in the Class app. Admit students/rooms from the waiting room if applicable and verify all students/rooms.

6. In the Zoom app, choose “Leave” and assign host privileges to your Instructor account listed. * Don’t choose “End Meeting for All” or this will end the meeting/class in both apps

7. Use Class as normal and users/groups connecting through Zoom will be able to see any shared screen sessions. The auto-answered users/rooms will appear as students in the participants’ side panel and will be able to hear audio and video as normal.


  • If an existing Zoom meeting is already being used, add a new class using the existing Zoom meeting using the instructions in How to Create a Class Using an Existing Zoom Meeting – Mac – Class.

  • If the Instructor is connecting to the class from an LMS, follow the same instructions, but for step 3 connect to the Class app from the course in the LMS.

  • This applies to classes created using the Class application. If it’s created through the LMS integration, there is no recurring meeting, referenced in Step 1.

Video of workaround and creating a new class using an existing Zoom meeting:

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