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Class: Pre-Approving Class for Users in the Zoom Marketplace

Last updated: November 29th, 2021.

Platform: Class

Version: All

Issue: Users need Zoom Administrative approval to use the Class app in the Zoom Marketplace. By default, users will launch the Class app and have the option to request approval, but the Zoom Administrator will have to approve each individual user.

Workaround: To expedite the pre-approval the Zoom Administrator can pre-approve the Class for Users app in the Zoom Marketplace. To do this:

  1. Sign in to App Marketplace as an admin or owner.

  2. Enable permissions for publicly listed apps

3. Search for an app and click on the icon to select it.

In the Who can install section, enable the Pre-approve toggle.

By default, Allow all users on your account to install this app is selected. If you would like to instead pre-approve the app for certain users or groups:

  1. Select Allow specific users or user groups to install this app.

  2. Click Add users.

  3. Select Add an individual user or Add a user group.

    1. Add an individual user: Enter the email address of the user in your account and click Add. Repeat this process as necessary to include additional users.

    1. Add a user group: Enter the group name of the user group in your account and click Add. Repeat this process as necessary to include additional user groups.
      Note: A combination of individual users and user groups can be given access to a pre-approved app.

Notes: Instructions for pre-approving apps in the Zoom Marketplace can be found at Managing the Zoom App Marketplace.

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