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Class: Transferring Meeting Ownership to Another User

Last updated: June 23rd, 2022.

Platform: Class

Version: All

Functionality: If a user launches an LMS course first, the meeting is created under their Zoom account. All recordings and ownership permissions will sit with that user. Sometimes users would like to transfer this ownership due to the wrong person launching the meeting.


  1. Both users looking to transfer the meeting ownership should log in to 

  2. Go to the settings in Zoom and type ctrl+f to open up the find dialog. Type in “Schedule Privilege” to find the scheduling permissions on the page.

3. Both users add each other to their scheduling permissions, this will allow them to transfer Zoom meetings.

4. After being added to the scheduling permissions, you are now able to Edit your meeting and schedule meetings for yourself for other users. This will allow the transferring of meetings, which will resolve any issues that are caused by the wrong user starting the meeting on the Class LMS page.


Video of the process in action as well as showing the completed process/new ownership of meeting.

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