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Mac: How to Clear Class App Cache

Last updated: November 8th, 2021.

Platform: Mac

Version: All



Sometimes you may run into odd behaviors, such as logging in as a student or a virtual background not functioning, while using the Class app on Mac. One thing that you can try is to clear the Class cache and preference file to reset the app back to the default download.


  1. Sign out of the Class app and quit the app (if applicable).

2. Press Shift-Command-G with your Finder window open.

3. Enter the following command into the search box: ~/Library/Caches.

4. Select Go. This will bring you to the folder that contains all of your user’s Mac cached files.

5. Navigate to “com.classedu.classforzoom” and delete this file.

6. Navigate to ~/Library/Preferences and delete the file “com.classedu.classforzoom.plist.”

NOTE: You can also download and run this file to delete most references to Class.

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