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Class: “Something went wrong” when saving Settings & Schedule

Last updated: September 14, 2023.

Platform: Class

Version: All


When changing settings in a Class where the underlying Zoom meeting has been deleted in the Zoom account portal, the Settings & Schedule page throws a generic “Something went wrong. Please try again in a few minutes. If the problem persists please contact support.” error message when the user tries to save their changes.

To resolve the error message, users must recover the underlying Zoom meeting that has been deleted from their Zoom account portal.  Please review the steps below to restore the deleted Zoom meeting and save changes to your Class settings.

Note: If the underlying Zoom meeting has been deleted for over 7 days, it is unrecoverable. Users will need to create a new Class if the meeting is unrecoverable.  If an LTI Class’s underlying Zoom meeting is unrecoverable, the user will need to have their LMS administrator create a new course and link the Class LTI tool to create a new meeting ID.

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate to the Meetings tab on the left-hand side of the webpage.
  3. Select Recently Deleted in the upper-right-hand corner of the webpage.
  4. Find the deleted Zoom meeting with the same name as the Class throwing the error message.
  5. Select Recover.

  6. Navigate back to the Settings & Schedule page, make your changes, and click Save.