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Class: Updating Zoom Marketplace Permissions for Class

Last updated: January 11th, 2022.

Platform: Class

Version: All


Issue: Zoom updated app marketplace permissions as of November 30, 2021, to allow users to authorize their shared access permissions. This will allow you to use the app to take actions on your behalf for others you have access to, based on your permissions. In order for Class to invite users to the roster or add additional instructors, any user that installed Class before November 30, 2021, must go into the marketplace using the instructions below to enable shared access permissions for the Class for Users app. Any new users installing the app after November 30, 2021, can check the “Allow Shared access Permissions” option when they first launch and authorize the Class for Users app.

Workaround: For Class to function properly, each existing user must authorize “Shared Access Permissions” for the Class for Users app in the Zoom Marketplace.

  1. Go to the Zoom Marketplace
  2. Click on Manage/Installed Apps

3. Under Class for Users click on ’update” under Shared Access Permissions.

4. Check “Allow this app to use my shared access permissions” and Authorize.

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