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Windows: Recommendations for Using Annotations with Multiple Displays

Last updated: September 1, 2023.

Platform: Windows

Version: 2.15.0 and later


Due to an issue identified within the Zoom SDK, we have made several modifications to the Annotations tools on Windows devices. At this time, the following workflow is recommended in order to achieve optimal results with this feature:

  • In order to annotate over content while sharing, ensure that the content is shared using the primary display. Additionally, do not move the Class application after Screen Share has started.
  • In order to annotate while viewing shared screen content, the Class application should be maximized on the primary display. As noted above, do not move the Class application after Screen Share has started.
  • When using a single display, the Class app should be minimized while sharing or view shared screen content in order to annotate.

In instances where users are attempting to annotate using a workflow that deviates from one of the cases described above, we have added several prompts within the Screen Share experience to direct users.

The “Primary” display has been clearly labeled as such when viewed from the content selection dialog to provide users with clarity on which display is treated by their system as primary.

In instances where users have shared a secondary display and are attempting to annotate, the “Primary” notification will appear once more.

Finally, additional help text has been added that appears upon hovering over the Annotation tool when attempting to annotate over a non-primary display that explains why the annotation toolbar does not appear.

A full walkthrough of this workflow and the notifications described above can be found at this link: Annotations Walkthrough.

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