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Windows: How to Gather Class Logs

Last updated: February 23, 2022.

Platform: Windows


How To: In order to gather more data about issues that are occurring, we require the debug logs from your device. To gather this information, you are able to submit it when the issue occurs by using our in-app support. This action automatically shares log files with us in the issue report we receive.

You are also able to retrieve the logs outside of the “Report Problem” flow mentioned above by following the steps below:

  1. Click on your Windows start menu or search icon and type %appdata%
  2. Go into the Class Technologies folder
  3. Go into the Logs folder
  4. Copy both the ClassLog.log and ZoomApiLog.log files
  5. Upload both files when submitting your case. Please include the date and the exact time when the issue occurred


Notes: Some older logs may be archived to ensure the most up-to-date logs are in the main Logs folder. You can find the older logs in the “Archive” folder located in the Logs folder.

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