Windows: Keyboard Shortcuts

Last updated: July 18th, 2022.

Platform: Windows

Version: All supported versions



Below are the current keyboard shortcuts in place for the Class application on the Windows platform.

While they are currently set up this way, these are subject to change.



Mute/Unmute audio

Ctrl + Shift + M

Start/Stop Video

Ctrl + Shift + S


Ctrl + Shift + C

Open Breakout Rooms dialog

Ctrl + Shift + B

Open Proctor/Collaboration view menu

Ctrl+ Shift + P

Raise hand

Ctrl + Shift + H

Record on this computer

Ctrl + Shift + ALT + L

Record to the cloud

Ctrl + Shift + ALT + C

Resume recording

Ctrl + Shift + ALT + G

Pause recording

Ctrl + Shift + ALT + P

Stop recording

Ctrl +Shift+ALT+ S

Open Reactions menu

Ctrl + Shift+ F

Reaction: Clap

Shift+ C

Reaction: Thumbs up

Shift + T

Reaction: Laugh

Shift + H

Reaction: Cry

Shift+ R

Reaction: Zany

Shift + Z

Reaction: Yes

Shift + Y

Reaction: No

Shift + N

Reaction: Like


Reaction: Dislike

Shift + D

Reaction: Slower

Shift + S

Reaction: Faster

Shift + F

Reaction: Need a break

Shift + B

Reaction: Away

Shift + A

Reaction: Question

Shift + Q

Clear reaction

Shift+ X

Clear all reactions

Ctrl + Shift+ X

Lower all hands

Ctrl + Alt + H

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