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Installing Class

Last updated: May 24, 2022.

Below is the workflow that learners will follow to log in to Class for the first time. Click here to find software and hardware requirements.


Prior to joining Class sessions, learners will be shown the Learner Launch page, shown below. Learners may reach this page from a class invite email, a Class guest invite link, or from launching into their Class session from their LMS. In each of these cases, the launch page that is shown will be the same.

Learners have the option to launch the class in Class, download the app, open in web app (if enabled) or open the class in Zoom. Learners will select download the Class app. (Operating system requirement: Catalina 10.15 and higher)

Note: This example shows the download in Chrome. Other browsers may differ.


Once downloaded, the .DMG file will be saved to the Downloads folder. Open the .DMG file to begin installing.


On this screen, click and drag the Class app into the Applications folder. The Class application will now be installed.


Upon the first time loading Class, the learner will be asked to sign in or join an existing class.

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