Installing Class

Last updated: May 24, 2022.

Below is the workflow that learners will follow to log in to Class for the first time.


The learner will receive a welcome email from their instructor if added to the Class Roster. Learners select Download Here and will be brought to the Learner launch page.


The learner will be presented with the Learner Launch Page. Learners have the option to launch the class in Class, download the app, or open the class in Zoom. Learners will select download the Class app. (Operating system requirement: Windows 10 and higher)


Once downloaded, the EXE file will be saved to the Downloads folder. Open the EXE file to begin installing.


Learners will be prompted to accept the terms in the license agreement before installing. Learners will be prompted to create a shortcut to the Class application on their desktop at the end of the installation.


Upon the first time loading Class, the learner will be asked to sign in or join an existing class.

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