Release Notes

Version 1.5.0 — September 7th, 2021


This release introduces improved breakout room functionalities and an exciting new capability that allows administrative users to toggle certain features on or off and adjust the terminology used within the application for their organization. Additionally, this release introduces an improved experience for sorting and positioning of classmates and several stability improvements across the application

Feature Additions

Enhanced Breakout Rooms:
  • With the new sidebar that is available in breakout rooms, all users can now see who is in their breakout room, in addition to any reactions, feedback, and audio/video status of each user
  • The options to “Broadcast Message to All” and “Ask for Help” while breakout rooms are active have been removed. Instructors, assistants, students can now use the chat functionality while in breakout rooms. All users can chat with any instructor or assistant and among other members in their breakout room
  • Introduced launching activities to different breakout rooms
  • Introduced support for unverified users to join a Breakout Room
  • Added functionality to prevent Breakout Room activities to launch for unverified users
  • Closing Breakout Rooms will now close any Launched Activities for Students
  • With Feature Toggles, Class users have the option to turn off the following features within Class and save their configurations:
      • Assessments
      • Assignments
      • Gradebook
      • LMS
      • Polling
      • Syllabus
      • Chat
  • Any user added to the “Class for Zoom for Administrators” user group will have access to an organization-specific Admin Portal. 
    • This portal can then be used to update feature toggle settings at any time. Changes made in the Admin Portal will be made globally for that organization’s account, and will take effect for users the next time they open the Class app
  • With Terminology Customizations, Class users can now define roles in a way that is appropriate and familiar for their institution or organization. The customizable terms include:
    • Instructor title
    • Assistant title
    • Participant title
    • Roster title
    • Gradebook title
    • Syllabus title
Seating Chart View, Enhanced FOC + Gallery View:
  • Participants can adjust their views between Speaker View and Gallery View depending on if they want to track just the speaker, or a larger set of video panels in the class, respectively
  • Participants can adjust their seating chart view to sort participants alphabetically (by first name or last name), by hand raise, or by the general sort order (instructors, presenters, and additional cameras up top)
  • When a user is screen sharing, they will be able to view either Speaker View or Gallery View


Included below are the enhancements we have made to features currently existing in Class.

  • When students leave a breakout room, the sidebar will update accordingly
  • Students receiving a message from another participant will see a chat notification badge
  • Updated only user-created activities to be closable
  • Removed the ‘Hide Self View’ functionality
  • Introduced Portuguese language support
  • Updated the Demo class to include just one teacher on the podium
  • Introduced functionality to access the more menu on the sidebar
  • Improved performance for page swiping in meetings with many participants 
  • Updated Top Toolbar, Bottom Bar, and Sidebar colors to match MacOS
  • Updated Hand Raised location based on device orientation
  • Updated the UI for the mute/unmute buttons
  • Introduced Dynamic text functionality for users to be able to resize native application text from device settings
  • Introduced error messaging when users enter incorrect Meeting ID / Passwords

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where students were unable to submit a file for an assignment

Known Issues

  • Android users sometimes cannot see chat messages or reactions received from Mac and Windows
  • The participant count in the bottom toolbar does not match the ‘everyone’ count
  • Android users sometimes cannot see chat messages or reactions received from Mac and Windows
  • The sidebar is sometimes blank when it reloads
  • Users connecting to Class through their LMS with Meeting Authentication via SSO Groups are unable to connect
  • Attendance and Dashboard pages will not display corresponding class data until the next release. This information is still being captured within our system and the display of these pages will soon be updated to restore access to this information for end users.
  • Users sometimes have issues rejoining meetings
  • Class Cams can see instructor only reactions in the sidebar
Breakout Rooms:
  • Students are sometimes duplicated when an instructor closes a Breakout Room
  • Participants sometimes are not showing up on the sidebar in Breakout Rooms
  • Participants that click ‘leave breakout room’ intermittently will not completely leave the Breakout Room
  • Students sometimes don’t receive the ‘play video’ activity in a Breakout Room
  • Students sometimes receive a notification delay when they are manually assigned
  • Host instructors have some limitations when within Breakout Rooms. They cannot:
    • Edit assignments when within a Breakout Room
    • Add a room when within a Breakout Room
    • Recreate a room when within a Breakout Room
  • Participants are able to chat with users in other Breakout Rooms, when they should not be able to
Video Gallery:
  • The video tile of users whose camera is turned on sometimes shows up in the share screen tab
  • Video tiles and names intermittently do not match
  • Video tiles sometimes show up black when user has their camera on
Zoom User:
  • Participant tools do not work in the Zoom sidebar
  • Active activities are not listed on the Zoom sidebar
  • Zoom users are not receiving the link for a shared file
  • Zoom users sometimes have issues receiving chats, entering breakout rooms, and receiving host functionalities

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