Release Notes

Version 2.2.0 — February 24th, 2022


This release includes stability improvements for our verification and breakout room flows, video improvements, and several bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

Included below are the fixes that were made to address known issues or to improve the overall stability of the product.

  • Fixed an issue where Chromebook students intermittently can’t turn on videos
  • Fixed an issue where the sidebar would take time to load
  • Fixed an issue where users would be unable to join or return from Breakout rooms
  • Fixed an issue where the sidebar did not reflect the verification state of the user
  • Fixed issue where new organizations would be unable to create classes
  • Fixed issue where some participants would see duplicate messages
  • Fixed issue when joining through LTI, user has to be logged in to class to be the host of the meeting
Teaching Tools:
  • Fixed an issue where polls are not populating for some student devices
  • Fixed an issue where students intermittently receive errors when clicking on the Files activity as a student
  • Fixed issue where Tests were mislabeled as Quizzes in various places

Known Issues

  • Intermittently, the unverified icon does not appear on the sidebar
  • Users that have not authorized the ‘class for users’ app are unable to add students to the roster and are not notified in the app
  • Launch Page does not Redirect Properly when HTTPS Prefix is not Entered
  • Intermittently, teachers Enter Class as a Student with a Different Name
  • Japanese translation of instructor in the admin portal is partially incorrect
  • Verifying a zoom user that changes their name does not update the sidebar verification status
  • Intermittently, videos in the gallery will flicker
  • Intermittently, users will be unverified joining or returning from breakout rooms
Breakout Rooms:
  • Intermittently, breakout chats disappear after joining and leaving a breakout room
  • Students that are exchanged in a breakout room by the instructor will not receive launched activities
  • Alternative hosts are unable to launch a course from the LMS if students are the first to join
  • Intermittently, students receive an error when launching their Class through the LMS
  • Cloud recording links do not show up on the LMS page
  • Intermittently, classes created through an LMS default time zone to America/New York
  • Instructors can’t add a new LMS in the LMS tool in a class created through LTI
  • Participant submission timestamps for activities are not matching their system’s clock
  • Instructors and assistants are not able to close the Assessment grading report via the close button but only via button that closes the window

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