Release Notes

Version 2.5.0 — July 19th, 2022


This update is being made available now that Chromebook users may be proctored without issue, independent on their device model.


  • Users will receive a single toast notification when they have been verified or unverified
  • Admins may now initiate LTI diagnostic mode to better troubleshoot set-up issues in a specific LTI integration
  • Given that LTI diagnostic mode has been turned on by an admin for an integration, LMS users may click the ‘Launch’ button in order to troubleshoot their integration and view the following information:
    • The raw data that is transferred
    • User level warnings based on this data

Bug Fixes

Included below are the fixes that were made to address known issues or to improve the overall stability of the product.

Proctor/Collaboration view
  • Fixed issues where screenshots of participants’ screens were blank or not updating
  • Fixed issue where a participant trying to join a breakout room was disconnected from the class and redirected to the login screen
  • Fixed issues with the Proctor/Collaboration view tab not showing participants who have accepted their invitations
  • Fixed issue where users signing into Class via Google were receiving an Authorization Error and unable to sign in

Known Issues

  • Additional USB cameras are not always detected
  • Certain devices on Android 11 may not be able to screenshare with more secure apps in the background (ex: banking applications)
Breakout rooms:
  • When breakout rooms are opened with the flag ‘let students decide’, an alert is not displayed. Students must navigate to their room from the bottom toolbar.
  • Users are sent to a breakout room when instructors have not assigned them manually
  • Automatic assignment:
    • Chromebook students do not always send screenshots in the All Breakout Room tab to instructors
    • Chats sent by Chromebook students are not seen by all users

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