Release Notes

Version 2.5.5 — August 22, 2022


This release is part of a series of updates that will be made available on a weekly basis through August to ensure that you, your instructors and staff, and your learners have a successful fall with Class. 


Admin controls:
  • Class admins may now automatically turn on recording for all sessions in their organization from the Class admin panel


Feedback Surveys:
  • Feedback surveys now display their results in real-time
  • Users are now directed to reload the launch page after their initial Class install
  • Users that are launching into class with an invalid / defunct URL now receive helpful information on how to proceed
  • Updates to the latest version of the Zoom SDK for Android (v5.11.3)
  • Improved support for Breakout Room timers and notifications on Chromebook

Bug Fixes

Below are the high-priority bug fixes included in this release:

  • Fixed a bug where students couldn’t see launched PDF files
  • Fixed an issue where joining a class from the link would open the Google Play store rather than launching the class
  • Fixed a bug where breakout chat disappeared after joining and leaving a breakout room
  • Fixed a bug where class instructors can’t delete multiple class dates at a time
  • Fixed a bug where LTI instructors can’t make changes to the date range after initially setting semester length
  • Fixed a bug where students can still see tabs after the instructor closes them

Known Issues

  • Additional USB cameras are not always detected
  • Certain devices on Android 11 may not be able to screenshare with more secure apps in the background (ex: banking applications)
  • Intermittently, the Class App is freezing for Chromebook students
  • Some users are unable to join audio
  • Instructor unable to join/edit created class from Schedule
  • Creating a Class from Existing Meeting creates a new meeting not associated with the existing ID
  • Zoom marketplace “Class for Users” app needs to be authorized or re-authorized
  • Issues with classes where there are participants with the same name
  • Issues with the meeting information dialog displaying the class name as the description
  • Issues with the calendar in Class schedule tab when selecting classes on later days of the month
  • Class name appears in meeting description field of meeting info panel
  • Newly rostered students don’t show up in drop-down when verifying user as existing student
  • Course sessions can overlap in the same date/time
  • Android students are intermittently unable to annotate on others’ screens and their screens
  • Messages sent by Chromebook users in breakout room chat are not always seen by other users
  • Issues with chat not navigating the user to the newest message
Breakout Rooms:
  • Occasionally, the Class App crashes when users join Breakout Rooms
  • Chromebook users’ screens are not always visible in the All Breakout Rooms tab
  • Automatically / manually assigned chromebook users don’t have access to breakout room chat 
  • Some Chromebook users see other users as unverified when they’re returning from Breakout Rooms
  • Intermittent issues with the “more” button in breakout rooms being unresponsive on the sidebar
  • Issues with duplicate users showing as unverified when using breakout rooms
  • Issues with users getting unverified when joining and leaving a breakout room
  • Issue where the Host/Co-Host labels in the Participant list disappear when breakout rooms are launched
Teaching Tools:
  • Some Chromebook users see other users as unverified when they’re returning from Breakout Rooms 
  • Some instructors can’t add students to the Class Roster
  • Intermittently, users’ last names are duplicated on their individual whiteboards
  • XML Error in Agenda when opening demo class as Corporate Instructor
  • Issues with the syllabus/agenda showing an XML error 24+ hours after upload time
  • Font changes in Whiteboard don’t persist on Chromebook and Windows
  • Organizations that block google on their network are not able to open and view any shared files
  • Issues adding whiteboard pages, where the page numbers do not increment as expected
  • Intermittently, users’ last names are duplicated on their individual whiteboards
  • Intermittently, whiteboard presenter mode is not centered on presenters’ drawing
  • Microsoft word files are currently unable to be viewed within the share files tool

Zoom users

  • Sometimes users can still join Class with Zoom despite the setting being disabled in the admin portal
  • Messages sent from Zoom chat are not displayed in the Class chat
  • Zoom users see a blank page when instructor launches Browse the Web and Survey
  • Issues with Zoom users and verification, including when they select a link from their chat
  • Issue with Participant list displaying the sidebar icon for zoom users who have closed it
  • Issues where Zoom users do not appear in the All Breakout Rooms tab
  • Issues where two links to the sidebar are sent to participants joining from the sidebar
  • Issues with Zoom users becoming unverified after opening the sidebar link
Demo class
  • Issues in Demo Class when adding a student to the roster
  • Unable to join the demo experience as a student user
  • Mute all and clear reactions button in sidebar don’t work in demo class
  • Mistranslations for professor, trainer, and teacher role names
  • Mute All and Verify All not visible in Spanish translated application
  • In Spanish translation of the application, the label for Absent participants is missing
  • Japanese translation of application has incorrect labels for breakout room chat threads
  • Issues with host instructor losing privileges when launching through LTI
  • Issues with LTI verification not properly parsing the username
Participants list
  • Issues with the unverified icon not displaying in Participants list for unverified users joining class
  • Issues with the Absent participants list not displaying
  • Issues where participants can connect to the meeting when using SAML meeting authentication
  • Issues with users not staying signed in when relaunching the application
  • Error when logging into class from a email address
  • When an organization requires authentication to join a Class, they are unable to

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