Release Notes

Version 1.9.2 — November 11th, 2021


This release is being made available to correct several high-priority issues experienced by customers.

  • Resolved an issue with closing breakout rooms
  • Resolved issues with launching teaching tools in breakout rooms
  • Fixed a bug where users with Italian as their primary OS language could not properly view the roster
  • Fixed a bug where the roster and attendance pages were not loading for organizations without saved admin settings
  • Fixed a bug where instructors/assistants couldn’t add additional students to the roster
  • Added some additional error handling for adding alternative hosts to a class
  • Resolved some issues with the roster on the class schedule and in the demo experience

Known Issues

  • Instructors that upload a shared file titled with Japanese characters will display an empty title field
Seating Chart
  • Hand raise seating chart does not sort in chronological order
Teaching Tools
  • When the Quiz dialog is not in full screen, the Due by date is cut off
  • The Dashboard is currently unavailable for live classes.
  • Instructor and TA currently do not see the option to admit all users from the waiting room
  • Instructors will see a “Title is already registered” message when editing an LTI entry
  • Users promoted to the Instructor role do not have lose focus tracking
  • Muting or unmuting a specific user from the participant’s context menu does not work
  • Launching Class from an LMS prompts instructors to log into Zoom
  • Instructors are not able to create a Class without a password when using an existing Zoom ID if the Zoom meeting was created without one
  • Instructors are not able to create classes that start in the evening and end in the morning
  • Organizations who have blocked Google on their network are not able to view launched files from Share Files dialog
  • Launch page is not customized according to terminology configuration in admin settings

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